Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My updates for you =)

Hello my bloggy blog.
I'm so sorry for abandoning you for such a looooooooonnng time.
Anyway, let's see what updates I have.
See! As usual I don't know where and how to start.
Nevermind. I'll just update the most recent one which is me doing my internship at DHL, Menara Axis.
Wait. It's not that recent also cause I started early of June ^^
Ok ok. Got got. The most recent is me attending dearrie's convo at KTAR last Sunday. I was there late so I didn't get to see him before I register. Just saw him when he enter the hall =)
The worst part was his name is towards the end. Adui!! His brother and I were yawning away but I kept myself busy with the new Blueberry Ice Cream Oreo ^^ *fats* =)
His mom and youngest bro reached when it was towards the end of the ceremony.
Then *snap and snap and snap* in the hall cause outside raining =( What a day.
Then, waited for his 2nd brother to arrive to snap some more. Wait so long ah. True Malaysian with Malaysian timing la. GGrrrr.
After he reached, snap few more pics then left the college. We all took LRT home and I got down at KL Central to change to KTM and dear with his family continue the journey till Taman Jaya station.
So that's all the updates I have so far.
Below are some pics for your viewing purposes.

Good day peeps. Toodles

Me likey this the most =)

His mom and brothers

His mommy say this picture look like we are registering for marriage only. LOL!

We're all in red. I didn't notice until me dear told me =)


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